CAPEC Related Weakness
Buffer Overflow via Environment Variables
CWE-20Improper Input Validation
CWE-74Improper Neutralization of Special Elements in Output Used by a Downstream Component ('Injection')
CWE-99Improper Control of Resource Identifiers ('Resource Injection')
CWE-118Incorrect Access of Indexable Resource ('Range Error')
CWE-119Improper Restriction of Operations within the Bounds of a Memory Buffer
CWE-120Buffer Copy without Checking Size of Input ('Classic Buffer Overflow')
CWE-302Authentication Bypass by Assumed-Immutable Data
CWE-680Integer Overflow to Buffer Overflow
CWE-697Incorrect Comparison
CWE-733Compiler Optimization Removal or Modification of Security-critical Code
Manipulating Writeable Configuration Files
CWE-77Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in a Command ('Command Injection')
CWE-99Improper Control of Resource Identifiers ('Resource Injection')
CWE-346Origin Validation Error
CWE-349Acceptance of Extraneous Untrusted Data With Trusted Data
CWE-353Missing Support for Integrity Check
CWE-354Improper Validation of Integrity Check Value
CWE-713OWASP Top Ten 2007 Category A2 - Injection Flaws
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