CAPEC Related Weakness
Redirect Access to Libraries
PHP Remote File Inclusion
CWE-80Improper Neutralization of Script-Related HTML Tags in a Web Page (Basic XSS)
CWE-98Improper Control of Filename for Include/Require Statement in PHP Program ('PHP Remote File Inclusion')
Leverage Executable Code in Non-Executable Files
CWE-59Improper Link Resolution Before File Access ('Link Following')
CWE-94Improper Control of Generation of Code ('Code Injection')
CWE-95Improper Neutralization of Directives in Dynamically Evaluated Code ('Eval Injection')
CWE-96Improper Neutralization of Directives in Statically Saved Code ('Static Code Injection')
CWE-97Improper Neutralization of Server-Side Includes (SSI) Within a Web Page
CWE-270Privilege Context Switching Error
CWE-272Least Privilege Violation
CWE-282Improper Ownership Management
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