ID CVE-2018-19650
Summary Local attackers can trigger a stack-based buffer overflow on vulnerable installations of Antiy-AVL ATool security management v1.0.0.22. An attacker must first obtain the ability to execute low-privileged code on the target system in order to exploit this vulnerability. The specific flaw exists within the processing of IOCTL 0x80002000 by the IRPFile.sys Antiy-AVL ATool kernel driver. The bug is caused by failure to properly validate the length of the user-supplied data, which results in a kernel stack buffer overflow. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code in the context of the kernel, which could lead to privilege escalation and a failed exploit could lead to denial of service.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: None
refmap via4
Last major update 05-12-2018 - 17:29
Published 05-12-2018 - 17:29
Last modified 05-12-2018 - 17:29
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