IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2020-7052 4.0
CODESYS Control V3, Gateway V3, and HMI V3 before allow uncontrolled memory allocation which can result in a remote denial of service condition.
21-07-2021 - 11:39 24-01-2020 - 20:15
CVE-2019-9009 5.0
An issue was discovered in 3S-Smart CODESYS before . Crafted network packets cause the Control Runtime to crash.
01-01-2022 - 20:19 17-09-2019 - 16:15
CVE-2022-22517 5.0
An unauthenticated, remote attacker can disrupt existing communication channels between CODESYS products by guessing a valid channel ID and injecting packets. This results in the communication channel to be closed.
18-04-2022 - 13:19 07-04-2022 - 19:15
CVE-2022-22514 4.9
An authenticated, remote attacker can gain access to a dereferenced pointer contained in a request. The accesses can subsequently lead to local overwriting of memory in the CmpTraceMgr, whereby the attacker can neither gain the values read internally
10-05-2022 - 16:01 07-04-2022 - 19:15
CVE-2022-22513 3.5
An authenticated remote attacker can cause a null pointer dereference in the CmpSettings component of the affected CODESYS products which leads to a crash.
10-05-2022 - 16:00 07-04-2022 - 19:15
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