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CVE-2009-2910 4.9
arch/x86/ia32/ia32entry.S in the Linux kernel before on the x86_64 platform does not clear certain kernel registers before a return to user mode, which allows local users to read register values from an earlier process by switching an ia32 p
19-09-2017 - 01:29 20-10-2009 - 17:30
CVE-2009-2908 4.9
The d_delete function in fs/ecryptfs/inode.c in eCryptfs in the Linux kernel 2.6.31 allows local users to cause a denial of service (kernel OOPS) and possibly execute arbitrary code via unspecified vectors that cause a "negative dentry" and trigger a
19-09-2017 - 01:29 13-10-2009 - 10:30
CVE-2009-2909 4.9
Integer signedness error in the ax25_setsockopt function in net/ax25/af_ax25.c in the ax25 subsystem in the Linux kernel before allows local users to cause a denial of service (OOPS) via a crafted optlen value in an SO_BINDTODEVICE operation
19-03-2012 - 04:00 20-10-2009 - 17:30
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