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CVE-2020-12400 1.2
When converting coordinates from projective to affine, the modular inversion was not performed in constant time, resulting in a possible timing-based side channel attack. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 80 and Firefox for Android < 80.
21-07-2021 - 11:39 08-10-2020 - 14:15
CVE-2020-12401 1.9
During ECDSA signature generation, padding applied in the nonce designed to ensure constant-time scalar multiplication was removed, resulting in variable-time execution dependent on secret data. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 80 and Firefox for
21-07-2021 - 11:39 08-10-2020 - 14:15
CVE-2020-15670 6.8
Mozilla developers reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox for Android 79. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort some of these could have been exploited to run arbitrary code. This vulne
21-07-2021 - 11:39 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15671 2.6
When typing in a password under certain conditions, a race may have occured where the InputContext was not being correctly set for the input field, resulting in the typed password being saved to the keyboard dictionary. This vulnerability affects Fir
21-07-2021 - 11:39 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15666 4.3
When trying to load a non-video in an audio/video context the exact status code (200, 302, 404, 500, 412, 403, etc.) was disclosed via the MediaError Message. This level of information leakage is inconsistent with the standardized onerror/onsuccess d
21-07-2021 - 11:39 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-6829 5.0
When performing EC scalar point multiplication, the wNAF point multiplication algorithm was used; which leaked partial information about the nonce used during signature generation. Given an electro-magnetic trace of a few signature generations, the p
03-11-2020 - 13:39 28-10-2020 - 12:15
CVE-2020-15664 4.3
By holding a reference to the eval() function from an about:blank window, a malicious webpage could have gained access to the InstallTrigger object which would allow them to prompt the user to install an extension. Combined with user confusion, this
13-10-2020 - 14:08 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15668 4.3
A lock was missing when accessing a data structure and importing certificate information into the trust database. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 80 and Firefox for Android < 80.
02-10-2020 - 19:17 01-10-2020 - 19:15
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