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CVE-2019-18634 4.6
In Sudo before 1.8.26, if pwfeedback is enabled in /etc/sudoers, users can trigger a stack-based buffer overflow in the privileged sudo process. (pwfeedback is a default setting in Linux Mint and elementary OS; however, it is NOT the default for upst
07-02-2020 - 17:15 29-01-2020 - 18:15
CVE-2019-19232 5.0
** DISPUTED ** In Sudo through 1.8.29, an attacker with access to a Runas ALL sudoer account can impersonate a nonexistent user by invoking sudo with a numeric uid that is not associated with any user. NOTE: The software maintainer believes that this
30-01-2020 - 16:15 19-12-2019 - 21:15
CVE-2019-19234 5.0
** DISPUTED ** In Sudo through 1.8.29, the fact that a user has been blocked (e.g., by using the ! character in the shadow file instead of a password hash) is not considered, allowing an attacker (who has access to a Runas ALL sudoer account) to impe
30-01-2020 - 16:15 19-12-2019 - 21:15
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