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IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2020-10724 2.1
A vulnerability was found in DPDK versions 18.11 and above. The vhost-crypto library code is missing validations for user-supplied values, potentially allowing an information leak through an out-of-bounds memory read.
19-10-2021 - 14:17 19-05-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-10725 4.0
A flaw was found in DPDK version 19.11 and above that allows a malicious guest to cause a segmentation fault of the vhost-user backend application running on the host, which could result in a loss of connectivity for the other guests running on that
20-01-2021 - 15:15 20-05-2020 - 14:15
CVE-2020-10723 4.6
A memory corruption issue was found in DPDK versions 17.05 and above. This flaw is caused by an integer truncation on the index of a payload. Under certain circumstances, the index (a UInt) is copied and truncated into a uint16, which can lead to out
20-01-2021 - 15:15 19-05-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-10726 2.1
A vulnerability was found in DPDK versions 19.11 and above. A malicious container that has direct access to the vhost-user socket can keep sending VHOST_USER_GET_INFLIGHT_FD messages, causing a resource leak (file descriptors and virtual memory), whi
20-01-2021 - 15:15 20-05-2020 - 14:15
CVE-2020-10722 4.6
A vulnerability was found in DPDK versions 18.05 and above. A missing check for an integer overflow in vhost_user_set_log_base() could result in a smaller memory map than requested, possibly allowing memory corruption.
20-01-2021 - 15:15 19-05-2020 - 19:15
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