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IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2020-15658 4.3
The code for downloading files did not properly take care of special characters, which led to an attacker being able to cut off the file ending at an earlier position, leading to a different file type being downloaded than shown in the dialog. This v
02-02-2023 - 22:23 10-08-2020 - 18:15
CVE-2020-15656 9.3
JIT optimizations involving the Javascript arguments object could confuse later optimizations. This risk was already mitigated by various precautions in the code, resulting in this bug rated at only moderate severity. This vulnerability affects Firef
02-02-2023 - 22:19 10-08-2020 - 18:15
CVE-2020-15653 4.3
An iframe sandbox element with the allow-popups flag could be bypassed when using noopener links. This could have led to security issues for websites relying on sandbox configurations that allowed popups and hosted arbitrary content. This vulnerabili
02-02-2023 - 22:19 10-08-2020 - 18:15
CVE-2020-15654 4.3
When in an endless loop, a website specifying a custom cursor using CSS could make it look like the user is interacting with the user interface, when they are not. This could lead to a perceived broken state, especially when interactions with existin
02-02-2023 - 22:19 10-08-2020 - 18:15
CVE-2020-12425 4.3
Due to confusion processing a hyphen character in Date.parse(), a one-byte out of bounds read could have occurred, leading to potential information disclosure. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 78.
30-01-2023 - 17:31 09-07-2020 - 15:15
CVE-2020-12422 7.6
In non-standard configurations, a JPEG image created by JavaScript could have caused an internal variable to overflow, resulting in an out of bounds write, memory corruption, and a potentially exploitable crash. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 7
27-01-2023 - 17:03 09-07-2020 - 15:15
CVE-2020-12424 4.3
When constructing a permission prompt for WebRTC, a URI was supplied from the content process. This URI was untrusted, and could have been the URI of an origin that was previously granted permission; bypassing the prompt. This vulnerability affects F
27-01-2023 - 16:47 09-07-2020 - 14:15
CVE-2020-15678 6.8
When recursing through graphical layers while scrolling, an iterator may have become invalid, resulting in a potential use-after-free. This occurs because the function APZCTreeManager::ComputeClippedCompositionBounds did not follow iterator invalidat
16-11-2022 - 16:17 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15677 5.8
By exploiting an Open Redirect vulnerability on a website, an attacker could have spoofed the site displayed in the download file dialog to show the original site (the one suffering from the open redirect) rather than the site the file was actually d
16-11-2022 - 15:15 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15676 4.3
Firefox sometimes ran the onload handler for SVG elements that the DOM sanitizer decided to remove, resulting in JavaScript being executed after pasting attacker-controlled data into a contenteditable element. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 81,
16-11-2022 - 15:12 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15673 6.8
Mozilla developers reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox 80 and Firefox ESR 78.2. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort some of these could have been exploited to run arbitrary code. T
28-04-2022 - 18:22 01-10-2020 - 19:15
CVE-2020-15648 4.3
Using object or embed tags, it was possible to frame other websites, even if they disallowed framing using the X-Frame-Options header. This vulnerability affects Thunderbird < 78 and Firefox < 78.0.2.
12-08-2020 - 16:27 10-08-2020 - 18:15
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