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CVE-2018-1312 6.8
In Apache httpd 2.2.0 to 2.4.29, when generating an HTTP Digest authentication challenge, the nonce sent to prevent reply attacks was not correctly generated using a pseudo-random seed. In a cluster of servers using a common Digest authentication con
06-06-2021 - 11:15 26-03-2018 - 15:29
CVE-2019-3883 5.0
In 389-ds-base up to version, requests are handled by workers threads. Each sockets will be waited by the worker for at most 'ioblocktimeout' seconds. However this timeout applies only for un-encrypted requests. Connections using SSL/TLS are
13-11-2020 - 16:15 17-04-2019 - 14:29
CVE-2019-6778 4.6
In QEMU 3.0.0, tcp_emu in slirp/tcp_subr.c has a heap-based buffer overflow.
24-08-2020 - 17:37 21-03-2019 - 16:01
CVE-2019-11811 6.9
An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 5.0.4. There is a use-after-free upon attempted read access to /proc/ioports after the ipmi_si module is removed, related to drivers/char/ipmi/ipmi_si_intf.c, drivers/char/ipmi/ipmi_si_mem_io.c, and
06-05-2020 - 15:14 07-05-2019 - 14:29
CVE-2018-20815 7.5
In QEMU 3.1.0, load_device_tree in device_tree.c calls the deprecated load_image function, which has a buffer overflow risk.
02-07-2019 - 23:15 31-05-2019 - 22:29
CVE-2018-14618 10.0
curl before version 7.61.1 is vulnerable to a buffer overrun in the NTLM authentication code. The internal function Curl_ntlm_core_mk_nt_hash multiplies the length of the password by two (SUM) to figure out how large temporary storage area to allocat
22-04-2019 - 17:48 05-09-2018 - 19:29
CVE-2019-3862 6.4
An out of bounds read flaw was discovered in libssh2 before 1.8.1 in the way SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST packets with an exit status message and no payload are parsed. A remote attacker who compromises a SSH server may be able to cause a Denial of Servic
15-04-2019 - 12:31 21-03-2019 - 16:01
CVE-2017-1000112 6.9
Linux kernel: Exploitable memory corruption due to UFO to non-UFO path switch. When building a UFO packet with MSG_MORE __ip_append_data() calls ip_ufo_append_data() to append. However in between two send() calls, the append path can be switched from
06-08-2018 - 01:29 05-10-2017 - 01:29
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