Max CVSS 7.5 Min CVSS 4.0 Total Count2
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2017-9800 7.5
A maliciously constructed svn+ssh:// URL would cause Subversion clients before 1.8.19, 1.9.x before 1.9.7, and 1.10.0.x through 1.10.0-alpha3 to run an arbitrary shell command. Such a URL could be generated by a malicious server, by a malicious user
20-10-2020 - 22:15 11-08-2017 - 21:29
CVE-2018-11782 4.0
In Apache Subversion versions up to and including 1.9.10, 1.10.4, 1.12.0, Subversion's svnserve server process may exit when a well-formed read-only request produces a particular answer. This can lead to disruption for users of the server.
27-09-2019 - 15:33 26-09-2019 - 16:15
CVE-2015-3187 4.0
The svn_repos_trace_node_locations function in Apache Subversion before 1.7.21 and 1.8.x before 1.8.14, when path-based authorization is used, allows remote authenticated users to obtain sensitive path information by reading the history of a node tha
01-07-2017 - 01:29 12-08-2015 - 14:59
CVE-2014-8108 5.0
The mod_dav_svn Apache HTTPD server module in Apache Subversion 1.7.x before 1.7.19 and 1.8.x before 1.8.11 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and crash) via a request for a URI that triggers a lookup for a
03-01-2017 - 02:59 18-12-2014 - 15:59
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