ID CVE-2021-41556
Summary sqclass.cpp in Squirrel through 2.2.5 and 3.x through 3.1 allows an out-of-bounds read (in the core interpreter) that can lead to Code Execution. If a victim executes an attacker-controlled squirrel script, it is possible for the attacker to break out of the squirrel script sandbox even if all dangerous functionality such as File System functions has been disabled. An attacker might abuse this bug to target (for example) Cloud services that allow customization via SquirrelScripts, or distribute malware through video games that embed a Squirrel Engine.
Vulnerable Configurations
  • cpe:2.3:a:squirrel-lang:squirrel:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
Base: None
  • Infiltration of Hardware Development Environment
    An attacker, leveraging the ability to manipulate components of primary support systems and tools within the development and production environments, inserts malicious software within the hardware and/or firmware development environment. The infiltration purpose is to alter developed hardware components in a system destined for deployment at the victim's organization, for the purpose of disruption or further compromise.
  • Overread Buffers
    An adversary attacks a target by providing input that causes an application to read beyond the boundary of a defined buffer. This typically occurs when a value influencing where to start or stop reading is set to reflect positions outside of the valid memory location of the buffer. This type of attack may result in exposure of sensitive information, a system crash, or arbitrary code execution.
Last major update 10-08-2022 - 20:15
Published 28-07-2022 - 21:15
Last modified 10-08-2022 - 20:15
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