ID CVE-2007-4044
Summary ** REJECT ** The MS-RPC functionality in smbd in Samba 3 on SUSE Linux before 20070720 does not include "one character in the shell escape handling." NOTE: this issue was originally characterized as a shell metacharacter issue due to an incomplete fix for CVE-2007-2447, which was interpreted by CVE to be security relevant. However, SUSE and Red Hat have disputed the problem, stating that the only impact is that scripts will not be executed if they have a "c" in their name, but even this limitation might not exist. This does not have security implications, so should not be included in CVE.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: 5.0
refmap via4
suse SUSE-SR:2007:014
statements via4
contributor Mark J Cox
lastmodified 2007-08-17
organization Red Hat
statement The CVE description for this bug is incorrect. The backported patch for CVE-2007-2447 missed the character ā€™cā€™ in the shell escaping whitelist of allowed characters, therefore not allowing commands with a ā€™cā€™ in them to be executed. This is therefore a regression bug and not a security vulnerability.
Last major update 11-09-2008 - 00:57
Published 27-07-2007 - 22:30
Last modified 11-09-2008 - 00:57
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