Name Manipulating User State
Summary The adversary modifies state information maintained by the target software in user-accessible locations. If successful, the target software will use this tainted state information and execute in an unintended manner. State management is an important function within an application. User state maintained by the application can include usernames, payment information, browsing history as well as application-specific contents such as items in a shopping cart. Manipulating user state can be employed by an adversary to elevate privilege, conduct fraudulent transactions or otherwise modify the flow of the application to derive certain benefits.
Prerequisites User state is maintained at least in some way in user-controllable locations, such as cookies or URL parameters.
Solutions Do not rely solely on user-controllable locations, such as cookies or URL parameters, to maintain user state. Avoid sensitive information, such as usernames or authentication and authorization information, in user-controllable locations. Sensitive information that is part of the user state must be appropriately protected to ensure confidentiality and integrity at each request.
Related Weaknesses
CWE ID Description
CWE-315 Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in a Cookie
CWE-353 Missing Support for Integrity Check
CWE-371 State Issues
CWE-372 Incomplete Internal State Distinction
CWE-693 Protection Mechanism Failure
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