Name Encryption Brute Forcing
Summary An attacker, armed with the cipher text and the encryption algorithm used, performs an exhaustive (brute force) search on the key space to determine the key that decrypts the cipher text to obtain the plaintext.
Prerequisites Ciphertext is known. Encryption algorithm and key size are known.
Solutions Use commonly accepted algorithms and recommended key sizes. The key size used will depend on how important it is to keep the data confidential and for how long. In theory a brute force attack performing an exhaustive key space search will always succeed, so the goal is to have computational security. Moore's law needs to be taken into account that suggests that computing resources double every eighteen months.
Related Weaknesses
CWE ID Description
CWE-326 Inadequate Encryption Strength
CWE-327 Use of a Broken or Risky Cryptographic Algorithm
CWE-693 Protection Mechanism Failure
CWE-719 OWASP Top Ten 2007 Category A8 - Insecure Cryptographic Storage
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