IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2019-12813 4.3
An issue was discovered in Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader v24. The key and salt used for obfuscating the fingerprint image exhibit cleartext when the fingerprint scanner device transfers a fingerprint image to the driver. An attacker
20-06-2019 - 20:22 13-06-2019 - 23:29
CVE-2019-13603 4.3
An issue was discovered in the HID Global DigitalPersona (formerly Crossmatch) U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader Windows Biometric Framework driver It has a statically coded initialization vector to encrypt a user's fingerprint image, resultin
29-07-2019 - 13:16 16-07-2019 - 17:15
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