IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2019-16265 7.5
CODESYS V2.3 ENI server up to V3.2.2.24 has a Buffer Overflow.
28-10-2019 - 14:17 25-10-2019 - 17:15
CVE-2019-13538 6.8
3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH CODESYS V3 Library Manager, all versions prior to, allows the system to display active library content without checking its validity, which may allow the contents of manipulated libraries to be displayed or e
09-10-2019 - 23:46 17-09-2019 - 20:15
CVE-2019-5105 5.0
An exploitable memory corruption vulnerability exists in the Name Service Client functionality of 3S-Smart Software Solutions CODESYS GatewayService A specially crafted packet can cause a large memcpy, resulting in an access violation and
26-03-2020 - 15:18 26-03-2020 - 15:15
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