Max CVSS 6.8 Min CVSS 4.3 Total Count2
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2014-3566 4.3
The SSL protocol 3.0, as used in OpenSSL through 1.0.1i and other products, uses nondeterministic CBC padding, which makes it easier for man-in-the-middle attackers to obtain cleartext data via a padding-oracle attack, aka the "POODLE" issue.
09-10-2019 - 23:10 15-10-2014 - 00:55
CVE-2015-4152 6.4
Directory traversal vulnerability in the file output plugin in Elasticsearch Logstash before 1.4.3 allows remote attackers to write to arbitrary files via vectors related to dynamic field references in the path option.
17-06-2019 - 15:48 15-06-2015 - 15:59
CVE-2014-3120 6.8
The default configuration in Elasticsearch before 1.2 enables dynamic scripting, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary MVEL expressions and Java code via the source parameter to _search. NOTE: this only violates the vendor's intended se
06-12-2016 - 18:13 28-07-2014 - 19:55
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