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IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2018-6574 4.6
Go before 1.8.7, Go 1.9.x before 1.9.4, and Go 1.10 pre-releases before Go 1.10rc2 allow "go get" remote command execution during source code build, by leveraging the gcc or clang plugin feature, because -fplugin= and -plugin= arguments were not bloc
03-10-2019 - 00:03 07-02-2018 - 21:29
CVE-2017-1000098 5.0
The net/http package's Request.ParseMultipartForm method starts writing to temporary files once the request body size surpasses the given "maxMemory" limit. It was possible for an attacker to generate a multipart request crafted such that the server
13-08-2018 - 21:47 05-10-2017 - 01:29
CVE-2016-5386 6.8
The net/http package in Go through 1.6 does not attempt to address RFC 3875 section 4.1.18 namespace conflicts and therefore does not protect CGI applications from the presence of untrusted client data in the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, which mi
25-08-2017 - 01:29 19-07-2016 - 02:00
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