Max CVSS 7.8 Min CVSS 4.9 Total Count5
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2008-2382 5.0
The protocol_client_msg function in vnc.c in the VNC server in (1) Qemu 0.9.1 and earlier and (2) KVM kvm-79 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (infinite loop) via a certain message.
07-03-2011 - 22:09 24-12-2008 - 13:29
CVE-2008-2004 4.9
The drive_init function in QEMU 0.9.1 determines the format of a raw disk image based on the header, which allows local guest users to read arbitrary files on the host by modifying the header to identify a different format, which is used when the gue
21-08-2010 - 01:19 12-05-2008 - 18:20
CVE-2008-1945 4.9
QEMU 0.9.0 does not properly handle changes to removable media, which allows guest OS users to read arbitrary files on the host OS by using the diskformat: parameter in the -usbdevice option to modify the disk-image header to identify a different for
21-08-2010 - 01:19 08-08-2008 - 15:41
CVE-2008-5714 7.8
Off-by-one error in monitor.c in Qemu 0.9.1 might make it easier for remote attackers to guess the VNC password, which is limited to seven characters where eight was intended.
16-05-2009 - 01:26 24-12-2008 - 13:29
CVE-2008-4539 7.2
Heap-based buffer overflow in the Cirrus VGA implementation in (1) KVM before kvm-82 and (2) QEMU on Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu might allow local users to gain privileges by using the VNC console for a connection, aka the LGD-54XX "bitblt" heap over
16-05-2009 - 01:24 29-12-2008 - 10:24
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