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CVE-2009-3095 7.5
The mod_proxy_ftp module in the Apache HTTP Server allows remote attackers to bypass intended access restrictions and send arbitrary commands to an FTP server via vectors related to the embedding of these commands in the Authorization HTTP header, as
22-08-2016 - 21:59 08-09-2009 - 14:30
CVE-2009-3094 2.6
The ap_proxy_ftp_handler function in modules/proxy/proxy_ftp.c in the mod_proxy_ftp module in the Apache HTTP Server 2.0.63 and 2.2.13 allows remote FTP servers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and child process crash) via a mal
22-08-2016 - 21:59 08-09-2009 - 14:30
CVE-2009-2699 5.0
The Solaris pollset feature in the Event Port backend in poll/unix/port.c in the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) library before 1.3.9, as used in the Apache HTTP Server before 2.2.14 and other products, does not properly handle errors, which allows rem
22-08-2016 - 21:59 13-10-2009 - 06:30
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