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CVE-2018-18710 2.1
An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel through 4.19. An information leak in cdrom_ioctl_select_disc in drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c could be used by local attackers to read kernel memory because a cast from unsigned long to int interferes with bounds c
29-10-2018 - 08:29 29-10-2018 - 08:29
CVE-2018-18445 7.2
In the Linux kernel 4.14.x, 4.15.x, 4.16.x, 4.17.x, and 4.18.x before 4.18.13, faulty computation of numeric bounds in the BPF verifier permits out-of-bounds memory accesses because adjust_scalar_min_max_vals in kernel/bpf/verifier.c mishandles 32-bi
17-10-2018 - 15:29 17-10-2018 - 15:29
CVE-2018-16658 3.6
An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 4.18.6. An information leak in cdrom_ioctl_drive_status in drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c could be used by local attackers to read kernel memory because a cast from unsigned long to int interferes with bounds
07-09-2018 - 10:29 07-09-2018 - 10:29
CVE-2018-10902 4.6
It was found that the raw midi kernel driver does not protect against concurrent access which leads to a double realloc (double free) in snd_rawmidi_input_params() and snd_rawmidi_output_status() which are part of snd_rawmidi_ioctl() handler in rawmi
21-08-2018 - 15:29 21-08-2018 - 15:29
CVE-2018-13094 4.3
An issue was discovered in fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_attr_leaf.c in the Linux kernel through 4.17.3. An OOPS may occur for a corrupted xfs image after xfs_da_shrink_inode() is called with a NULL bp.
03-07-2018 - 06:29 03-07-2018 - 06:29
CVE-2018-1000204 6.3
** DISPUTED ** Linux Kernel version 3.18 to 4.16 incorrectly handles an SG_IO ioctl on /dev/sg0 with dxfer_direction=SG_DXFER_FROM_DEV and an empty 6-byte cmdp. This may lead to copying up to 1000 kernel heap pages to the userspace. This has been fix
26-06-2018 - 10:29 26-06-2018 - 10:29
CVE-2018-1120 3.5
A flaw was found affecting the Linux kernel before version 4.17. By mmap()ing a FUSE-backed file onto a process's memory containing command line arguments (or environment strings), an attacker can cause utilities from psutils or procps (such as ps, w
20-06-2018 - 09:29 20-06-2018 - 09:29
CVE-2018-5848 4.6
In the function wmi_set_ie(), the length validation code does not handle unsigned integer overflow properly. As a result, a large value of the 'ie_len' argument can cause a buffer overflow in all Android releases from CAF (Android for MSM, Firefox OS
12-06-2018 - 16:29 12-06-2018 - 16:29
CVE-2018-1108 4.3
kernel drivers before version 4.17-rc1 are vulnerable to a weakness in the Linux kernel's implementation of random seed data. Programs, early in the boot sequence, could use the data allocated for the seed before it was sufficiently generated.
21-05-2018 - 17:29 21-05-2018 - 17:29
CVE-2018-1118 2.1
Linux kernel vhost since version 4.8 does not properly initialize memory in messages passed between virtual guests and the host operating system in the vhost/vhost.c:vhost_new_msg() function. This can allow local privileged users to read some kernel
10-05-2018 - 18:29 10-05-2018 - 18:29
CVE-2018-10940 4.9
The cdrom_ioctl_media_changed function in drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c in the Linux kernel before 4.16.6 allows local attackers to use a incorrect bounds check in the CDROM driver CDROM_MEDIA_CHANGED ioctl to read out kernel memory.
09-05-2018 - 13:29 09-05-2018 - 13:29
CVE-2018-10322 4.9
The xfs_dinode_verify function in fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_inode_buf.c in the Linux kernel through 4.16.3 allows local users to cause a denial of service (xfs_ilock_attr_map_shared invalid pointer dereference) via a crafted xfs image.
24-04-2018 - 02:29 24-04-2018 - 02:29
CVE-2018-7755 2.1
An issue was discovered in the fd_locked_ioctl function in drivers/block/floppy.c in the Linux kernel through 4.15.7. The floppy driver will copy a kernel pointer to user memory in response to the FDGETPRM ioctl. An attacker can send the FDGETPRM ioc
08-03-2018 - 02:29 08-03-2018 - 02:29
CVE-2018-5333 4.9
In the Linux kernel through 4.14.13, the rds_cmsg_atomic function in net/rds/rdma.c mishandles cases where page pinning fails or an invalid address is supplied, leading to an rds_atomic_free_op NULL pointer dereference.
11-01-2018 - 02:29 11-01-2018 - 02:29
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