Max CVSS 7.8 Min CVSS 4.0 Total Count6
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2018-5381 5.0
The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 has a bug in its parsing of "Capabilities" in BGP OPEN messages, in the bgp_packet.c:bgp_capability_msg_parse function. The parser can enter an infinite loop on invalid capabilities if a Multi-Proto
19-02-2018 - 08:29 19-02-2018 - 08:29
CVE-2018-5380 4.0
The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 can overrun internal BGP code-to-string conversion tables used for debug by 1 pointer value, based on input.
19-02-2018 - 08:29 19-02-2018 - 08:29
CVE-2018-5379 7.5
The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 can double-free memory when processing certain forms of UPDATE message, containing cluster-list and/or unknown attributes. A successful attack could cause a denial of service or potentially allow an
19-02-2018 - 08:29 19-02-2018 - 08:29
CVE-2018-5378 4.9
The Quagga BGP daemon (bgpd) prior to version 1.2.3 does not properly bounds check the data sent with a NOTIFY to a peer, if an attribute length is invalid. Arbitrary data from the bgpd process may be sent over the network to a peer and/or bgpd may c
19-02-2018 - 08:29 19-02-2018 - 08:29
CVE-2017-16227 5.0
The aspath_put function in bgpd/bgp_aspath.c in Quagga before 1.2.2 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (session drop) via BGP UPDATE messages, because AS_PATH size calculation for long paths counts certain bytes twice and consequent
29-10-2017 - 16:29 29-10-2017 - 16:29
CVE-2017-5495 7.8
All versions of Quagga, 0.93 through 1.1.0, are vulnerable to an unbounded memory allocation in the telnet 'vty' CLI, leading to a Denial-of-Service of Quagga daemons, or even the entire host. When Quagga daemons are configured with their telnet CLI
26-01-2017 - 10:53 24-01-2017 - 02:59
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