Max CVSS 7.5 Min CVSS 2.1 Total Count5
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2018-16837 2.1
Ansible "User" module leaks any data which is passed on as a parameter to ssh-keygen. This could lean in undesirable situations such as passphrases credentials passed as a parameter for the ssh-keygen executable. Showing those credentials in clear te
23-10-2018 - 11:29 23-10-2018 - 11:29
CVE-2004-0174 5.0
Apache 1.4.x before 1.3.30, and 2.0.x before 2.0.49, when using multiple listening sockets on certain platforms, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (blocked new connections) via a "short-lived connection on a rarely-accessed listeni
17-10-2016 - 22:41 04-05-2004 - 00:00
CVE-2003-0993 7.5
mod_access in Apache 1.3 before 1.3.30, when running big-endian 64-bit platforms, does not properly parse Allow/Deny rules using IP addresses without a netmask, which could allow remote attackers to bypass intended access restrictions.
17-10-2016 - 22:38 29-03-2004 - 00:00
CVE-2003-0987 7.5
mod_digest for Apache before 1.3.31 does not properly verify the nonce of a client response by using a AuthNonce secret.
17-10-2016 - 22:38 03-03-2004 - 00:00
CVE-2003-0020 5.0
Apache does not filter terminal escape sequences from its error logs, which could make it easier for attackers to insert those sequences into terminal emulators containing vulnerabilities related to escape sequences.
17-10-2016 - 22:28 18-03-2003 - 00:00
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