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CVE-2017-1000405 6.9
The Linux Kernel versions 2.6.38 through 4.14 have a problematic use of pmd_mkdirty() in the touch_pmd() function inside the THP implementation. touch_pmd() can be reached by get_user_pages(). In such case, the pmd will become dirty. This scenario br
30-11-2017 - 17:29 30-11-2017 - 17:29
CVE-2017-16939 7.2
The XFRM dump policy implementation in net/xfrm/xfrm_user.c in the Linux kernel before 4.13.11 allows local users to gain privileges or cause a denial of service (use-after-free) via a crafted SO_RCVBUF setsockopt system call in conjunction with XFRM
24-11-2017 - 05:29 24-11-2017 - 05:29
CVE-2017-15088 7.5
plugins/preauth/pkinit/pkinit_crypto_openssl.c in MIT Kerberos 5 (aka krb5) through 1.15.2 mishandles Distinguished Name (DN) fields, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (buffer overflow and applicatio
23-11-2017 - 12:29 23-11-2017 - 12:29
CVE-2017-16879 6.8
Stack-based buffer overflow in the _nc_write_entry function in tinfo/write_entry.c in ncurses 6.0 allows attackers to cause a denial of service (application crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code via a crafted terminfo file, as demonstrated by tic
22-11-2017 - 17:29 22-11-2017 - 17:29
CVE-2017-12613 3.6
When apr_time_exp*() or apr_os_exp_time*() functions are invoked with an invalid month field value in Apache Portable Runtime APR 1.6.2 and prior, out of bounds memory may be accessed in converting this value to an apr_time_exp_t value, potentially r
23-10-2017 - 21:29 23-10-2017 - 21:29
CVE-2016-8734 4.0
Apache Subversion's mod_dontdothat module and HTTP clients 1.4.0 through 1.8.16, and 1.9.0 through 1.9.4 are vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack caused by exponential XML entity expansion. The attack can cause the targeted process to consume an
16-10-2017 - 09:29 16-10-2017 - 09:29
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