Max CVSS 10.0 Min CVSS 2.1 Total Count9
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2016-7056 2.1
A timing attack flaw was found in OpenSSL 1.0.1u and before that could allow a malicious user with local access to recover ECDSA P-256 private keys.
10-09-2018 - 12:29 10-09-2018 - 12:29
CVE-2016-8610 5.0
A denial of service flaw was found in OpenSSL 0.9.8, 1.0.1, 1.0.2 through 1.0.2h, and 1.1.0 in the way the TLS/SSL protocol defined processing of ALERT packets during a connection handshake. A remote attacker could use this flaw to make a TLS/SSL ser
13-11-2017 - 17:29 13-11-2017 - 17:29
CVE-2017-9023 4.3
The ASN.1 parser in strongSwan before 5.5.3 improperly handles CHOICE types when the x509 plugin is enabled, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (infinite loop) via a crafted certificate.
08-06-2017 - 12:29 08-06-2017 - 12:29
CVE-2016-2108 10.0
The ASN.1 implementation in OpenSSL before 1.0.1o and 1.0.2 before 1.0.2c allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (buffer underflow and memory corruption) via an ANY field in crafted serialized data, aka the "ne
09-05-2017 - 21:29 04-05-2016 - 21:59
CVE-2017-3731 5.0
If an SSL/TLS server or client is running on a 32-bit host, and a specific cipher is being used, then a truncated packet can cause that server or client to perform an out-of-bounds read, usually resulting in a crash. For OpenSSL 1.1.0, the crash can
05-05-2017 - 21:29 04-05-2017 - 15:29
CVE-2013-4113 6.8
ext/xml/xml.c in PHP before 5.3.27 does not properly consider parsing depth, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (heap memory corruption) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted document that is processed by the
05-03-2014 - 23:47 13-07-2013 - 09:10
CVE-2013-1643 5.0
The SOAP parser in PHP before 5.3.23 and 5.4.x before 5.4.13 allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a SOAP WSDL file containing an XML external entity declaration in conjunction with an entity reference, related to an XML External Entity
27-01-2014 - 23:51 06-03-2013 - 08:10
CVE-2013-1635 7.5
ext/soap/soap.c in PHP before 5.3.22 and 5.4.x before 5.4.13 does not validate the relationship between the soap.wsdl_cache_dir directive and the open_basedir directive, which allows remote attackers to bypass intended access restrictions by triggeri
27-01-2014 - 23:51 06-03-2013 - 08:10
CVE-2013-4635 5.0
Integer overflow in the SdnToJewish function in jewish.c in the Calendar component in PHP before 5.3.26 and 5.4.x before 5.4.16 allows context-dependent attackers to cause a denial of service (application hang) via a large argument to the jdtojewish
11-09-2013 - 23:36 21-06-2013 - 17:55
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