Max CVSS 7.5 Min CVSS 1.9 Total Count10
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2015-5165 5.0
The C+ mode offload emulation in the RTL8139 network card device model in QEMU, as used in Xen 4.5.x and earlier, allows remote attackers to read process heap memory via unspecified vectors.
23-12-2016 - 21:59 12-08-2015 - 10:59
CVE-2015-5154 7.2
Heap-based buffer overflow in the IDE subsystem in QEMU, as used in Xen 4.5.x and earlier, when the container has a CDROM drive enabled, allows local guest users to execute arbitrary code on the host via unspecified ATAPI commands.
23-12-2016 - 21:59 12-08-2015 - 10:59
CVE-2015-4037 1.9
The slirp_smb function in net/slirp.c in QEMU 2.3.0 and earlier creates temporary files with predictable names, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (instantiation failure) by creating /tmp/qemu-smb.*-* files before the program.
23-12-2016 - 21:59 26-08-2015 - 15:59
CVE-2015-5166 7.2
Use-after-free vulnerability in QEMU in Xen 4.5.x and earlier does not completely unplug emulated block devices, which allows local HVM guest users to gain privileges by unplugging a block device twice.
21-12-2016 - 21:59 12-08-2015 - 10:59
CVE-2015-7972 2.1
The (1) libxl_set_memory_target function in tools/libxl/libxl.c and (2) libxl__build_post function in tools/libxl/libxl_dom.c in Xen 3.4.x through 4.6.x do not properly calculate the balloon size when using the populate-on-demand (PoD) system, which
07-12-2016 - 13:25 30-10-2015 - 11:59
CVE-2015-7971 2.1
Xen 3.2.x through 4.6.x does not limit the number of printk console messages when logging certain pmu and profiling hypercalls, which allows local guests to cause a denial of service via a sequence of crafted (1) HYPERCALL_xenoprof_op hypercalls, whi
07-12-2016 - 13:25 30-10-2015 - 11:59
CVE-2015-7969 4.9
Multiple memory leaks in Xen 4.0 through 4.6.x allow local guest administrators or domains with certain permission to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via a large number of "teardowns" of domains with the vcpu pointer array allocated us
07-12-2016 - 13:25 30-10-2015 - 11:59
CVE-2015-7835 7.2
The mod_l2_entry function in arch/x86/mm.c in Xen 3.4 through 4.6.x does not properly validate level 2 page table entries, which allows local PV guest administrators to gain privileges via a crafted superpage mapping.
07-12-2016 - 13:25 30-10-2015 - 11:59
CVE-2015-7311 3.6
libxl in Xen 4.1.x through 4.6.x does not properly handle the readonly flag on disks when using the qemu-xen device model, which allows local guest users to write to a read-only disk image.
07-12-2016 - 13:23 01-10-2015 - 16:59
CVE-2014-0222 7.5
Integer overflow in the qcow_open function in block/qcow.c in QEMU before 1.7.2 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via a large L2 table in a QCOW version 1 image.
06-12-2016 - 22:00 04-11-2014 - 16:55
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