Max CVSS 10.0 Min CVSS 4.3 Total Count3
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2018-15688 7.5
A buffer overflow vulnerability in the dhcp6 client of systemd allows a malicious dhcp6 server to overwrite heap memory in systemd-networkd. Affected releases are systemd: versions up to and including 239.
29-10-2018 - 08:29 26-10-2018 - 10:29
CVE-2018-15686 10.0
A vulnerability in unit_deserialize of systemd allows an attacker to supply arbitrary state across systemd re-execution via NotifyAccess. This can be used to improperly influence systemd execution and possibly lead to root privilege escalation. Affec
26-10-2018 - 10:29 26-10-2018 - 10:29
CVE-2018-1049 4.3
In systemd prior to 234 a race condition exists between .mount and .automount units such that automount requests from kernel may not be serviced by systemd resulting in kernel holding the mountpoint and any processes that try to use said mount will h
16-02-2018 - 16:29 16-02-2018 - 16:29
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