ID CVE-2018-15437
Summary A vulnerability in the system scanning component of Cisco Immunet and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints running on Microsoft Windows could allow a local attacker to disable the scanning functionality of the product. This could allow executable files to be launched on the system without being analyzed for threats. The vulnerability is due to improper process resource handling. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by gaining local access to a system running Microsoft Windows and protected by Cisco Immunet or Cisco AMP for Endpoints and executing a malicious file. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to prevent the scanning services from functioning properly and ultimately prevent the system from being protected from further intrusion.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: None
exploit-db via4
file exploits/windows/dos/45829.c
id EDB-ID:45829
last seen 2018-11-30
modified 2018-11-13
platform windows
published 2018-11-13
reporter Exploit-DB
title Cisco Immunet < 6.2.0 / Cisco AMP For Endpoints 6.2.0 - Denial of Service
type dos
packetstorm via4
data source
last seen 2018-11-10
published 2018-11-09
reporter hyp3rlinx
title Cisco Immunet / Cisco AMP For Endpoints Scanning Denial Of Service
refmap via4
bid 105867
cisco 20181107 Cisco Immunet and Cisco AMP for Endpoints System Scan Denial of Service Vulnerability
Last major update 08-11-2018 - 12:29
Published 08-11-2018 - 12:29
Last modified 15-11-2018 - 06:29
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