ID CVE-2018-0284
Summary A vulnerability in the local status page functionality of the Cisco Meraki MR, MS, MX, Z1, and Z3 product lines could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to modify device configuration files. The vulnerability occurs when handling requests to the local status page. An exploit could allow the attacker to establish an interactive session to the device with elevated privileges. The attacker could then use the elevated privileges to further compromise the device or obtain additional configuration data from the device that is being exploited.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: None
refmap via4
bid 105878
cisco 20181107 Cisco Meraki Local Status Page Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Last major update 08-11-2018 - 11:29
Published 08-11-2018 - 11:29
Last modified 13-11-2018 - 06:29
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