ID CVE-2017-15672
Summary The read_header function in libavcodec/ffv1dec.c in FFmpeg 3.3.4 and earlier allows remote attackers to have unspecified impact via a crafted MP4 file, which triggers an out-of-bounds read.
Vulnerable Configurations
  • FFmpeg 3.3.4
Base: 6.8
  • Overread Buffers
    An adversary attacks a target by providing input that causes an application to read beyond the boundary of a defined buffer. This typically occurs when a value influencing where to start or stop reading is set to reflect positions outside of the valid memory location of the buffer. This type of attack may result in exposure of sensitive information, a system crash, or arbitrary code execution.
nessus via4
  • NASL family FreeBSD Local Security Checks
    NASL id FREEBSD_PKG_5CCBB2F8C79811E7A633009C02A2AB30.NASL
    description MITRE reports : Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in FFmpeg. Please refer to CVE list for details. Note: CVE-2017-15186 and CVE-2017-15672 affect only the 3.3 branch before 3.3.5, CVE-2017-16840 and CVE-2017-17081 have been fixed in 3.4.1. They're listed here for completeness of the record.
    last seen 2018-11-13
    modified 2018-11-10
    plugin id 111406
    published 2018-07-30
    reporter Tenable
    title FreeBSD : ffmpeg -- multiple vulnerabilities (5ccbb2f8-c798-11e7-a633-009c02a2ab30)
  • NASL family SuSE Local Security Checks
    NASL id OPENSUSE-2018-172.NASL
    description This update for ffmpeg fixes the following issues : Updated ffmpeg to new bugfix release 3.4.2 - Fix integer overflows, multiplication overflows, undefined shifts, and verify buffer lengths. - avfilter/vf_transpose: Fix used plane count [boo#1078488, CVE-2018-6392] - avcodec/utvideodec: Fix bytes left check in decode_frame() [boo#1079368, CVE-2018-6621] - Enable use of libzvbi for displaying teletext subtitles. - Fixed a DoS in swri_audio_convert() [boo#1072366, CVE-2017-17555]. Update to new bugfix release 3.4.1 - Fixed integer overflows, division by zero, illegal bit shifts - Fixed the gmc_mmx function which failed to validate width and height [boo#1070762, CVE-2017-17081] - Fixed out-of-bounds in VC-2 encoder [boo#1069407, CVE-2017-16840] - ffplay: use SDL2 audio API - install also doc/ffserver.conf - Update to new upstream release 3.4 - New video filters: deflicker, doublewave, lumakey, pixscope, oscilloscope, robterts, limiter, libvmaf, unpremultiply, tlut2, floodifll, pseudocolor, despill, convolve, vmafmotion. - New audio filters: afir, crossfeed, surround, headphone, superequalizer, haas. - Some video filters with several inputs now use a common set of options: blend, libvmaf, lut3d, overlay, psnr, ssim. They must always be used by name. - librsvg support for svg rasterization - spec-compliant VP9 muxing support in MP4 - Remove the libnut and libschroedinger muxer/demuxer wrappers - drop deprecated qtkit input device (use avfoundation instead) - SUP/PGS subtitle muxer - VP9 tile threading support - KMS screen grabber - CUDA thumbnail filter - V4L2 mem2mem HW assisted codecs - Rockchip MPP hardware decoding - (Not in openSUSE builds, only original ones:) - Gremlin Digital Video demuxer and decoder - Additional frame format support for Interplay MVE movies - Dolby E decoder and SMPTE 337M demuxer - raw G.726 muxer and demuxer, left- and right-justified - NewTek NDI input/output device - FITS demuxer, muxer, decoder and encoder - Fixed a double free in huffyuv [boo#1064577, CVE-2017-15186] - Fixed an out-of-bounds in ffv1dec [boo#1066428, CVE-2017-15672]
    last seen 2018-09-01
    modified 2018-02-20
    plugin id 106890
    published 2018-02-20
    reporter Tenable
    title openSUSE Security Update : ffmpeg (openSUSE-2018-172)
  • NASL family Debian Local Security Checks
    description Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the FFmpeg multimedia framework, which could result in denial of service or potentially the execution of arbitrary code if malformed files/streams are processed.
    last seen 2018-11-14
    modified 2018-11-13
    plugin id 104792
    published 2017-11-28
    reporter Tenable
    title Debian DSA-4049-1 : ffmpeg - security update
refmap via4
bid 101690
debian DSA-4049
mlist [oss-security] 20171103 [CVE-2017-15672]: ffmpeg: read out of bounds of buffer when it parsing an craft mp4 file.
Last major update 06-11-2017 - 12:29
Published 06-11-2017 - 12:29
Last modified 28-11-2017 - 21:29
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