ID CVE-2017-14020
Summary An Uncontrolled Search Path Element issue was discovered in AutomationDirect CLICK Programming Software (Part Number C0-PGMSW) versions 2.10 and prior, C-More Programming Software (Part Number EA9-PGMSW) versions 6.30 and prior, C-More Micro (Part Number EA-PGMSW) versions and prior, GS Drives Configuration Software (Part Number GSOFT) versions 4.0.6 and prior, and SL-SOFT SOLO Temperature Controller Configuration Software (Part Number SL-SOFT) versions and prior. An uncontrolled search path element (DLL Hijacking) vulnerability has been identified. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker could rename a malicious DLL to meet the criteria of the application, and the application would not verify that the DLL is correct. Once loaded by the application, the DLL could run malicious code at the privilege level of the application.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: None
Last major update 13-11-2017 - 15:29
Published 13-11-2017 - 15:29
Last modified 14-11-2017 - 21:29
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