ID CVE-2017-13095
Summary The P1735 IEEE standard describes flawed methods for encrypting electronic-design intellectual property (IP), as well as the management of access rights for such IP, including modification of a license-deny response to a license grant. The methods are flawed and, in the most egregious cases, enable attack vectors that allow recovery of the entire underlying plaintext IP. Implementations of IEEE P1735 may be weak to cryptographic attacks that allow an attacker to obtain plaintext intellectual property without the key, among other impacts.
Vulnerable Configurations
  • cpe:2.3:o
Base: 4.6
  • Signature Spoofing by Key Recreation
    An attacker obtains an authoritative or reputable signer's private signature key by exploiting a cryptographic weakness in the signature algorithm or pseudorandom number generation and then uses this key to forge signatures from the original signer to mislead a victim into performing actions that benefit the attacker.
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title IEEE P1735 Encryption Is Broken—Flaws Allow Intellectual Property Theft
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