ID CVE-2017-12588
Summary The zmq3 input and output modules in rsyslog before 8.28.0 interpreted description fields as format strings, possibly allowing a format string attack with unspecified impact.
Vulnerable Configurations
  • RSYSLOG 8.27.0
Base: 7.5
  • Format String Injection
    An attacker includes formatting characters in a string input field on the target application. Most applications assume that users will provide static text and may respond unpredictably to the presence of formatting character. For example, in certain functions of the C programming languages such as printf, the formatting character %s will print the contents of a memory location expecting this location to identify a string and the formatting character %n prints the number of DWORD written in the memory. An attacker can use this to read or write to memory locations or files, or simply to manipulate the value of the resulting text in unexpected ways. Reading or writing memory may result in program crashes and writing memory could result in the execution of arbitrary code if the attacker can write to the program stack.
  • String Format Overflow in syslog()
    This attack targets the format string vulnerabilities in the syslog() function. An attacker would typically inject malicious input in the format string parameter of the syslog function. This is a common problem, and many public vulnerabilities and associated exploits have been posted.
nessus via4
NASL family PhotonOS Local Security Checks
description An update of [rsyslog,shadow] packages for PhotonOS has been released.
last seen 2018-09-02
modified 2018-08-17
plugin id 111879
published 2018-08-17
reporter Tenable
title Photon OS 1.0: Rsyslog / Shadow PHSA-2017-0030
refmap via4
Last major update 06-08-2017 - 10:29
Published 06-08-2017 - 10:29
Last modified 14-08-2017 - 07:15
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