ID CVE-2015-6358
Summary Multiple Cisco embedded devices use hardcoded X.509 certificates and SSH host keys embedded in the firmware, which allows remote attackers to defeat cryptographic protection mechanisms and conduct man-in-the-middle attacks by leveraging knowledge of these certificates and keys from another installation, aka Bug IDs CSCuw46610, CSCuw46620, CSCuw46637, CSCuw46654, CSCuw46665, CSCuw46672, CSCuw46677, CSCuw46682, CSCuw46705, CSCuw46716, CSCuw46979, CSCuw47005, CSCuw47028, CSCuw47040, CSCuw47048, CSCuw47061, CSCuw90860, CSCuw90869, CSCuw90875, CSCuw90881, CSCuw90899, and CSCuw90913.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: None
refmap via4
bid 78047
cert-vn VU#566724
cisco 20151125 Multiple Cisco Products Confidential Information Decryption Man-in-the-Middle Vulnerability
  • 1034255
  • 1034256
  • 1034257
  • 1034258
Last major update 12-10-2017 - 11:29
Published 12-10-2017 - 11:29
Last modified 12-10-2017 - 11:29
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