ID CVE-2014-2031
Summary Deadwood before 2.3.09, 3.x before 3.2.05, and as used in MaraDNS before 1.4.14 and 2.x before 2.0.09, allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (out-of-bounds read and crash) by leveraging permission to perform recursive queries against Deadwood, related to a logic error.
Vulnerable Configurations
Base: 4.3
  • Overread Buffers
    An adversary attacks a target by providing input that causes an application to read beyond the boundary of a defined buffer. This typically occurs when a value influencing where to start or stop reading is set to reflect positions outside of the valid memory location of the buffer. This type of attack may result in exposure of sensitive information, a system crash, or arbitrary code execution.
nessus via4
NASL family DNS
description According to its self-reported version number, the MaraDNS server running on the remote host may be running a version of Deadwood, a recursive resolver bundled with MaraDNS, which is affected by an out-of-bounds read error. This issue exists due to the lack of bounds checking in the 'DwCompress.c' and 'DwRecurse.c' source files. This issue could allow a remote attacker to crash the recursive DNS resolver, resulting in a denial of service. Note that this only affects the Deadwood component.
last seen 2019-02-21
modified 2018-07-14
plugin id 73484
published 2014-04-11
reporter Tenable
title MaraDNS < 1.4.14 / 2.0.x < 2.0.09 Deadwood Out-of-Bounds DoS
refmap via4
mlist [oss-security] 20140219 Re: CVE request: MaraDNS DoS due to incorrect bounds checking on certain strings
sectrack 1029771
xf maradns-cve20142031-dos(91203)
Last major update 20-03-2018 - 17:29
Published 20-03-2018 - 17:29
Last modified 18-04-2018 - 14:25
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