ID CVE-2009-0242
Summary ** REJECT ** gmetad in Ganglia 3.1.1, when supporting multiple requests per connection on an interactive port, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a request to the gmetad service with a path that does not exist, which causes Ganglia to (1) perform excessive CPU computation and (2) send the entire tree, which consumes network bandwidth. NOTE: the vendor and original researcher have disputed this issue, since legitimate requests can generate the same amount of resource consumption. CVE concurs with the dispute, so this identifier should not be used.
Vulnerable Configurations
refmap via4
  • [Ganglia-developers] 20090113 patches for: [Sec] Gmetad server BoF and network overload + [Feature] multiple requests per conn on interactive port
  • [Ganglia-developers] 20090123 Re: CVE
xf ganglia-gmetad-dos(48166)
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contributor Joshua Bressers
lastmodified 2009-01-22
organization Red Hat
statement Red Hat does not consider this to be a security issue. For more information, please see the following bug:
Last major update 15-12-2016 - 21:59
Published 21-01-2009 - 06:30
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